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At Sunup, we’re more than a branding and creative agency. We’re experts in brand elevation. Our playbooks for branding and creative services are time tested and proven — and always tailored to cast our clients in the best possible light.

Branding Services

Some brands need a simple refresh. Others need a full reset. And some are just getting started. Wherever you’re at, we’ll develop a custom plan that considers these components.

1. Brand Discovery

How is your brand performing? At the start of any engagement, we’ll align on your vision and goals; that is, where your brand sits in the market and where you want to take it. This process ensures all our recommendations are organizationally aligned and market driven.

2. Brand Foundation

Is your foundation defined? If not, we’ll help map your brand’s DNA — including its mission, vision, values, positioning, messaging and other key characteristics. Having these elements in place is critical to any brand identity work.

3. Brand Identity

Is your brand dated or disjointed? Or are you just getting started? Informed by a strategic position, we’ll explore how best to express your brand, both visually and verbally. Then, once you’ve selected a direction, we’ll flesh out your brand’s full identity. Finally, we’ll develop brand guidelines that ensure clear and cohesive application over time.

4. Brand Activation

Need help activating your brand in the market? No problem. We offer everything your team needs to be successful, from branded templates and social media assets to a new website and sales collateral.

Below are just a few brand assets to consider:

• Websites and landing page templates
• Pitch decks and presentations
• Social media assets
• Advertising assets
• Swag and apparel
• Business cards
• Letterhead and stationery
• One-pagers and sales enablement
• Event support and booth design

Decorative quotation mark

Sunup dug deep to understand our challenges and market, then developed a fresh, sophisticated brand that spoke directly to our audience. We’re happy to have a creative partner who will grow with us, as our portfolio continues to expand.

Jake Cinti

CEO, Yarrow

Various branded mockups for Yarrow, a real estate company.

Creative Services — Campaigns

From building awareness to driving conversions, we can develop audience-centric campaigns that meet your marketing objectives. These engagements involve our teams working hand in hand to get each piece of the puzzle just right. Here’s what to expect.

1. Creative Brief

To start, we’ll align on your objectives, KPIs and overall vision. Then, we’ll develop a brief that documents your brand’s competitors, differentiators, key messages and more.

2. Creative Concepts

Drawing on audience insights, we’ll develop campaign concepts for your consideration. Typically, this work takes a twofold approach: First, we’ll conduct a tissue session with your marketing team to get feedback on our preliminary thinking. Then, we’ll build out full concepts to present to a wider group of stakeholders.

3. Activation Planning

Once you’ve chosen a campaign concept, we’ll develop an activation plan that dives deeper into channels, deliverables, budget and timing — ensuring your campaign launches without a hitch.

4. Creative Production

With an activation plan in hand, we’ll help bring your campaign to market by producing every asset you need. Finally, we’ll report on your campaign’s performance — identifying ways to optimize or double down on any success.

Creative Services — Retainers

Need ongoing brand support? Then a creative retainer is your best bet. Starting at 20 hours/month, these longer-term engagements cover a range of marketing projects, including but not limited to:

• Ad assets
• Blog articles
• Case studies
• Infographics
• Motion graphics
• Videos
• One-pagers

• Presentation decks
• Research reports
• Sales enablement
• Social media graphics
• Trade show booths
• White papers

Social media post mockups for an optomistrist brand

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